Airbnb Cleaning Prices

    Prices can be different based on years lived and condition of the unit.

    Studio 210$
    1 Bed 1 Bath 260$
    Additional Bedroom 50$
    Additional full bathroom 53$
    Additionally, half bathroom 23$

    Book The Best Airbnb Cleaning in Honolulu

    When you rent out your home on Airbnb, it’s very important that it’s clean and inviting. Your guests will be much more likely to leave great reviews if they enjoy the cleanliness of your home.

    We have experience cleaning and staging apartments on Airbnb. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. When you book Airbnb cleaning service through Early Bird Cleaning LLC, you can rest assured that we are reliable and will only send trustworthy cleaners to your place.

    Give The Guests That 5-Star Experience in Your Airbnb Facility:

    Our trained Airbnb cleaners in Oahu will take care of everything – while giving your guests that ‘5-star experience’ they expect, with clean linens and towels, stocked bathrooms and kitchens, fresh flowers and wifi information – all coordinated by our professional staff!

    We have the work ethic and attitudes to provide your clients with an outstanding experience when arriving and departing from your Airbnb home. We are dedicated to making your property as clean, safe and comfortable as possible for each check in. Contact us to see how we can help with your best Airbnb cleaning in Honolulu.

    Comprehensive Airbnb Cleaning Services:

    Our Airbnb Cleaning services in Honlulu encompass a detailed list of services as cleaning all rooms of the apartment or house including the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms etc. Some of our services include but not limited to:

    Airbnb Cleaning

    – Mopping & vacuuming the floors
    – Making Beds

    Airbnb Cleaning

    – Cleaning all appliance surfaces, counters and funruture in all rooms

    Airbnb Cleaning

    – Cleaning the bathroom tub, skin, faucets and more
    – Cleaning & sanitizing light switches

    You have the luxury to add more detailed cleaning services to your package according your needs. Rest assured that we’ll personalize a plan that covers all your cleaning requirements at a pocket-friendly price range.

    Let Trained Airbnb Cleaners In Oahu Do Their Job:

    Our cleaners are trained to carry out deep cleans of multiple dwellings, whether it is a house you rent out on Airbnb or vacation home you need cleaned. We take special care and attention to detail when we clean your rental, ensuring that all potential guests will feel welcome and satisfied with the accommodations they have chosen. It’s essential to keep your business clean if you want your customers to continue doing business with you. Early Bird Cleaning can make this happen…