Oahu, Waikiki Carpet Cleaning Prices

    Prices can be different based on years lived and condition of the unit.

    Studio 210$
    1 Bed 1 Bath 260$
    Additional Bedroom 50$
    Additional full bathroom 53$
    Additionally, half bathroom 23$

    Most Trusted & Affordable Carpet Cleaning Honolulu, Oahu, Waikiki HI

    We understand that you are bound to experience the occasional stain or spot in your carpet – particularly if you’ve kids or pets. When a spill does happen your first reaction is to scrub the stain or spot out with soap, which actually worsen the problem. Here what you need to do is call Early Bird Cleaning LLC and schedule our professional carpet cleaning Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki in Hawaii.

    Our trained professional offer carpet cleaning Hawaii  and have the right equipment and product to make sure the toughest stains are removed without causing any damage to your costly investment.

    We are locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company offer affordable carpet cleaning in Honolulu and uses a unique, carbonated cleaning process to lift dirt and stains from your carpets. We offer a variety of cleaning packages in Honolulu, Oahu, Waikiki and use eco-friendly cleaning products.

    Our Honolulu cleaning services includes:

    Carpet Cleaning

    Kitchen :
    – Clean inside and outside all appliances
    – Vacuum and wipe inside and outside of cabinets
    – Clean and polish the sink
    – Vacuum and mop the floor

    Carpet Cleaning

    Bathroom :
    – Scrub and clean the shower/tub
    – Clean and remove stains from the toilet
    – Scrub and clean the sink/cabinet
    – Vacuum and mop the floor

    Carpet Cleaning

    Bedroom :
    – Clean interior windows/screens
    – Vacuum and wipe all surface areas
    – Vacuum and mop the floor.

    Enjoy Elite Level & Top-Rated Carpet Cleaning in Honolulu:

    We combines elite level cleaning techniques with better technology and service personnel that are second-to-none. Our unique steam cleaning and fast dry time process will leave your carpets softer and cleaner than you can imagine!

    Many of our competitors use a method that leaves carpets wet for up to 24 hours with a sticky soap residue behind that attracts dirt, ruining your newly cleaned carpet fast. Early Bird Cleaning can get your carpets cleaned and looking great again in just a few hours!

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Honolulu Hawaii

    Our carpet cleaning technicians use only high grade cleaning solutions and the worlds most advanced steam cleaning equipment available. We invest in the latest technology and ongoing training to ensure we are offering you the very best service available.

    And with over 20+ years of experience, our team is some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. So call us today to avail the most detailed carpet cleaning in Oahu!

    Get The Bet Carpet Cleaning Plan in Waikiki Hawaii:

    As one of the leading residential and commercial carpet cleaning companies in the Oahu region we understand that not all carpet and homes are the same, which is why we provide a free pre-inspection to appraise the state of your carpet and find any problematic areas such as stains and odors. Using only safe, non-toxic products and daily inspection reports, we get your carpets clean without sacrificing health or safety.